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Visionary Boy
6 min readJan 30, 2022


About Visionary Boy

The people in my city just see art as a service instead of appreciation, so I don’t like this attitude and decide to begin my art journey in Fantom Blockchain.

In August, this was my first time investing into crypto currency, and I found Fantom. It is a really good project that I have researched so far, so I am investing in it. And Fantom launched its own NFT platform —, and I started to upload my artwork on the platform. The result is very amazing and I got a bunch of feedback and support from the community, and my first 9 pieces of self portrait are sold out! I hope people can get enjoyment from seeing my work, it encourages me to continue to work on.

Artion / October 2021

The reason why i decided to create this collection because of:

(1) Interested in Fantom Blockchain Network, a big fan of $ftm.

(2) Create a quality, original and unique collection which is different from others (No punk, no ape, no copycat…).

(3) To build a community driven environment in which we can do good, and excited to have you come along with us in our journey.

(4) A part from Metaverse, i would like to create a physical form which can be see/touch/play/use in the realistic world for the NFT owner to redeem/reward, such as art toy figure, metal badge, t-shirt, phone case, notebook…etc, and be a part of your life.

(5) Contribute to the society, charity and to whom need to be helped.

(6) Create a team, make investments and collaborate with potential Asia artists. I would like to support them and bring them from reality to the Metaverse. (Most of them lack of support on blockchain technology, as i can help them to achieve it)

I am in it for the long run, “Fantom Boy by VISIONARY BOY“ will become a brand / a symbol of quality, original and unique in Fantom Network, I will continue to create my own intelligence properties(IP) and collaborate with potential artists or brands, to bring the best to the community. Generate values over time with continued success of the art collection to all my early supporters.

My First NFT Collection — Fantom Boy by Visionary Boy

An original artwork illustrated by Visionary Boy on Fantom Network Blockchain ($FTM). The character was my self portrait originally, with a clean line drawing and bold color, by adding different unique and special traits, it become a special PFP that different from the others in existing market.

Creating a solid brand for Fantom Boy by Visionary Boy, make investment to create a Metaverse clubhouse, a store with physical collectibles and massive promotion via different medias or events, which not limit to virtual, but both in the physical world, create intangible value to Fantom Boy holder and make it all over the world.

On the other hand, with the project objective which aim to bring and assist the quality artist to launch their project on Fantom Blockchain Network. The initial fund helps the project build up the fundamental infrastructure, community and promotion for continue development.

My imagination of the Fantom Boy clubhouse (Work in Progress)

Fantom is the best ever blockchain community in the world

I met a lot of people during the minting phase, they have gave me a lot of advices and support to me, and exchange the idea of how to make the project more better. It was a unforgettable experience during that period of time! Thanks for everyone who have helped me.

Phase one minting was completed on 10 Nov 2021, it gave me a lot confidence toward my future development in Fantom Blockchain. And i have established my first community with a bunch of support and love! It totally change my life, so i decided to make good use of my knowledge and experience to make my greatest effort to contribute to Fantom Blockchain and the people who need to be helped!

Fantom Boy Around the World — Original Art Collection

Fantom Boy Around the World is a collection of 100 1/1 NFTs exist on Fantom (FTM) Blockchain. Unique and original artwork illustrated by Visionary Boy. Each of the art was inspired from my everyday lives / imagination from my day dreaming / collaboration with different artist. I will continue to create the art every 1–2 week, and i hope i can make a real exhibition to showcase to the world!

A new milestone for Fantom NFT project — The first Fantom NFT outdoor billboard in Hong Kong, Asia

We are the first Fantom NFT project to expand the territory to the physical world. I would like to bridge in the people by doing various promotions. This billboard is strategically located at the world famous Causeway Bay SOGO crossing in the heart of Hong Kong which provides tremendous visibility! The premium location provides more than 6 million monthly traffic, which lets the Fantom Boy showcase to the world!

People might think that i am crazy, to me, what i did is worth it for me. Fantom make change to my life, now it is my turn to make my greatest effort to promote fantom to everywhere.

Team Expansion & Development on The First Asia Fantom NFT Launchpad

It is the time to expand our team, the Fantom Fortunate Fox — by NFT100 team will be merged with Visionary Boy (Fantom Boy) and we will form a bigger team & community for upcoming happenings! As we all share the same mind which would like to bring more Asia artists to Fantom Community, promote Fantom blockchain and bring values to the holder with our sustainable development!

In past few months, the Asia NFT market is awaked and the trend is continuing to grow, and the current Asia NFT market is dominated by the projects from Ethereum / Opensea (ETH) and Solana(SOL). By forming a big team, we would like to build a NFT platform with Fantom which offers a new opportunity for Asia artists and more art diversify for collectors, strategically to occupy the Asia Fantom NFT market!

We will establish The First Asia Fantom NFT Launchpad, with our team expertise and experience in Fantom, bridge the undiscovered blue ocean to Fantom blockchain, which benefits the whole ecosystem!

By joining Fox and Boy team, we will establish the FIRST ever co-creation NFT project in Fantom — Fantom Fox Boy, which the fund will support us to build the First Asia Fantom NFT Launchpad platform and massive promotion.

We would like to expand our community with this collaboration, with an affordable minting cost which gives the new coming of Fantom to join us. Each Fantom Fox Boy comes with different traits and attributes varying in rarity. And will bring fortune and health into the challenging world full of uncertainties.



Visionary Boy

Original artwork illustrated by Visionary Boy on Fantom Network ($FTM). Follow our Twitter & Discord to get the latest update, giveaway & launch details!